Day-off Club

At what age a child can (or should) visit a museum? It's not a rhetorical question and you can easy find the answer: as soon as your child starts walking… but in the Children's Museum even an infant will find an occupation according to his tastes.
In the 8th of November, on Sunday, the young mothers visited the Children's Museum with their children from 1,5 till 4 years old.
It was a wish in the mothers' eyes to see what genius children they have; and the children's eyes were full of joy, curiosity and expectancy. It was frightened a little… but mummy's there!
The first step… the second one… and a young visitor was in the very center of things. In spite of the fact that it was the event for children, the mothers were occupied enough for cheerfulness: they made Bear ready for school, helped Happy Alarm-Clock to find the numbers, did puzzles and, of course, danced in a round.

What a wonderful day!
Get redy Bear for school
It will be a very heavy bag-pack!
The Time freesed in my arms...
The Time freesed in my arms...
A bell has the ear... really?
Examined the collection!
Dream of cup of tea!
What animals are hidden in the puzzles?
What animals are hidden in the puzzles?