“Museum Kaleidoscope” (program for children 5 years old)

Purpose: to promote the development in preschool children of a conscious position of the researcher and creator of the surrounding reality, responsibility for the preservation of cultural heritage.


1. “Welcome to the world of Books” (September, Museum of the Belarusian Book-printing).

2. “Autumn in the forest” (October, Nature and Ecology Museum).

3. “Types of fine art. Architecture. Sculpture. Decorative and applied art ”(November, Art Gallery).

4. “Types of art. Painting. Graphics ”(December, Art Gallery).

5. "Riddles of the Winter Forest" (January, Nature and Ecology Museum).

6. "Secrets of the objective world" (February. Children's Museum).

7. “Half an hour in a peasant's hut” (March, Museum of Local Lore).

8. "The Tale of Blue Flax" (April. Museum of Traditional Manual Weaving of Poozerye).

9. Lecture concert "Secrets of the organ" (May, Museum of the History of Architecture of the Sofia Cathedral).