The exhibition "PhotoParad"

Выставка «ФотоПарад». Детский музей. Полоцк, 2018г.

The world famous Russian literary critic V. Belinsky said «Do you like theatre as I do?». In his "Literary Dreams" Belinsky defined the whole multifaceted world of art in one word - theater.

Exhibition "Reptiles for Fun"

Выставка «Рептилиум понарошку». Детский музей. Полоцк, 2018г.

From 1 January 2018 will be changed the cost of service in museums of National Polotsk historical and cultural museum-reserve

Please note that since January 1, 2018 there will be changes in price for the services rendered in the museums of National Polotsk historical and cultural museum-reserve.

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"Owl the Learned Head"

Exhibition of the private collection of figurines of owls «Owl the Learned Head». Children's Museum, Polotsk, 2017

Owl the Learned Head, the Forest Mistress, Ulyana Stepanovna… there were so many names that were given ancient Slavs to that amazing bird. So why owls attracted people in the past? And are they popular now?

Exhibition "It's time to tell a story"

Exhibition «It's time to tell a story».Children's Museum, Polotsk, 2017

Every child is a personality. And only you, his parents and grandparents, know how to raise your child. But presentation of useful knowledge could be different: reading a favorite book, visiting museums, doing sports.

Exhibition "Retro Radio"

«Gramophone», «transistor», «radio» ... The words are undeservedly forgotten by modern generation. But these words describe an era of the most significant discoveries and achievements in the sphera of media environment!

Follow the example of… Peter the Great!

From the history…

As it is known, Peter the Great was a real collector, bibliophile and guide. He never stored up his treasure, so he organized a cabinet of curiosities that the Emperor presented to foreign ambassadors and Russian magnates.


Our children's and grand-children's collections… What is it? Is it a picturesque mountain containing sweetie papers, stickers, toys with seashells or… something else? It's something that broadens the mind, makes a child more attentive, thoughtful and observant, isn't it?

«Arithmetic from century to century» (from the history of computer engineering)

«Arithmetic from century to century» (from the history of computer engineering)

Today we get used to enjoy all blessings of civilization — cars, IPhones, household appliances, that make our life easy, comfortable and entertaining. It takes thousand inventions to make the world which we see it today, nevertheless the most valuable of them were the very first ones — a wheel and a number. Both of them are works of human mind, that take a long-time period to be discovered.

The Captain Vrungel's sea school

The Captain Vrungel's sea school

Captain Vrungel is a famous mariner and jack tar. Once he even went round the world on his yacht, but at the begginning of that regatta, he had lost his lucky charm, so that accident could cost him the victory.

To find his mascot, captain needs a very coordinated team. But who else but you, our friends, could help captain Vrungel to find it?

Age: 8-12 years old.

Group: 12 cadets

Master-class "Let's decorate the Christmas tree together"

There is nothing more enchanting than expectancy of a New-Year's Day. Perhaps, it is the only holiday that maintains atmosphere of mystery and wizardry. And this is nothing age-specific, because a Christmas tree always brings back sweet memories of childhood. What kind of New-Year's tree decorations do you like the most? Of course, there are so many of them, and each of them has its own charm: there is special attraction in Christmas balls, you can stare forever at stylized strobilas, icicles and flashlights.

Day-off Club

At what age a child can (or should) visit a museum? It's not a rhetorical question and you can easy find the answer: as soon as your child starts walking… but in the Children's Museum even an infant will find an occupation according to his tastes.
In the 8th of November, on Sunday, the young mothers visited the Children's Museum with their children from 1,5 till 4 years old.
It was a wish in the mothers' eyes to see what genius children they have; and the children's eyes were full of joy, curiosity and expectancy. It was frightened a little… but mummy's there!

Encounter with Museum!

Every day children make discoveries, large and small. Every new meeting, every new thing hold hundreds of mysteries that are so eager to find the answers. All at once!
All the week from 24 to 30 of September the Children's Museum met young researchers who, together with their favourite fairy-tale character Buratino (Pinocchio) made the journey through the museum. Preschool children studied clockwork, tried to determine the weight of the goods in the store, learnt to distinguish the sound of bells, and discovered is it possible to save sound and picture.

Exhibition «Autolegends of the USSR»

The Day of Knowledge in the Children’s Museum!

Dear Teachers,

The Museum Staff congratulate you on the beginning of a New School Year! Thank you all for your work! And this year we wish you health, patience, grateful pupils and their parents.

On the 1st of September, the Day of Knowledge, the Children’s Museum invites all the pupils of Primary School to an unusual class – «Mysteries of the World Things».

What could «circus» and «compass» have in common? Is it possible to create a compass without special equipment? Why a ruler was so respected among scribes? When did a wooden ruler appear? Who was a rubber invented?

Exhibition of toy-horses «Lived a foal in the world…»

Dear citizens and guests of our town!

The Children’s Museum invites you to visit a new fantastic exhibition of toy-horses. Of course, it’s not a new theme for the Museum, because there were some similar exhibitions. Nevertheless this exhibition will be a special one, because the museum staff will present collections not only one person, but a group of children.

Exhibition «The Heroines of Book Pages»

Anna Karenina, Natasha Rostova, Sophia Marmeladova, Scarlett O’Hara are admired ladies of past epochs; they are characters from books of well-known writers; they are elegance and grace themselves. It seems like these characters leapt from the book pages. These ladies illustrate their eras and everyday life.
The collection of bisque dolls has been made by the 5th class pupil Darya Kolosova.
The opening of the exhibition «The Heroines of Book Pages» will be at 11.00 on the 6th of February.

Exhibition "Laterna Magica"

Dear citizens and guests of our city!
The Children's Museum is pleased to present the exhibition of cinematic appartus "Laterna Magica" (from collection of Polotsk National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve) as a part of celebration of the 90th birthday of belarussian cinema.

The exhibition starts working on the 15th of December.

Exhibition-Installation "My dear friend, I write a letter you again..."

And all that, thanks to those who go
Through dusty heat and freezing snow -
Glory to them, I say, hail
To their heavy bags that bring the mail!
(translated from Russian by R. Pevear)

These lines from the famous poem "Post Office" by S. Marshak were well-known among all children in the Sovet Union. Because it is a postman who brings coloured birthday cards and express telegrams, newspapers with the latest news and long-awaited letters with love confessions inside...

"The first-grade's decade"

Dear friends!

We invite you to take part in a holiday entitled "The first-grade's decade"! You and your friend - The ABC book - will visit such stations as "Do-It-Yourself", "Daydreamers", "Fairy" and "School station", and have a rest at musical breaks.

Collective applications are accepted:

• on the 1st of September - till the 29th of August;
• on the other days of the decade - from 10:00 to 17:00h.

Telephone: 42-45-58.

"The magical ABC book"

Dear first-grades, teachers and parents!

In a special holiday - the Day of Knowledge - the Children's Museum presents a new fantastic exhibition - "The magical ABC book".

When the first ABC book was published? What books were published for children in Belarus at the beginning of the XX century?

Museum Day 2013 in Polotsk
Dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Concert hall of the Sophia Cathedral


invites guests to the city museums to enjoy music of different styles and trends at the events with the participation of professional and amateur bands